Fathers Day bracelet

In these days I’m not fine physically, so it’s all a bit hard. But these are days of successes at the same time, I pull up and distract me. My first interview has been publised!! Mercatolopoli has published on its website a piece of me as an eco-artist. Want to know more about how I feel about the creations of reuse? You can read the interview. I also really liked how it was written! Good work! clap clap clap! : D

In the same day, Monday, Emma Lamb has published for the second time in his blog (diary of his great work to crochet color stylist) shared one of my photographs in his Flickr group. Do not imagine the joy, because Emma has a tremendous ability to harmonize the colors, to unite the similarities especially in the section “Making everyday beautiful.” You should know that Emma has published for the first time my photos from his group last year in July for the same section, and the photo in question is precisely that of my colored braids hairstyle that still has success [when, at the time, was far from being my top accessory].  ;) I really think that it will bring me some good this time too!

Meanwhile, I continue to craft, old and new stuff. Did you know that on June 10 in the U.S. is Father’s Day [Fathers Day]? I do not. I’ve learned through Etsy and [after a while ‘indifference] I had rather lighting! Why not bringing my new little characters of wooden beads in a bracelet for men? A little ‘tender and a little’ ironic  “Father & Child” is born. The picture speaks for itself: Dad keep me ever close to you! ;)

Of course it is customizable for you : a mustache, beard or …both?

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Fathers Day
Judging by the first of many Repin Pinterest People really like the it! We hope not just to be copied, but if you give a peek at the shop. At least the idea to reward … ;) What do you think? A kiss to my readers. PS I’m waiting to hear your “voice” ;)


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    Sono Katia. Scenografa di sogni da parete. Personal stylist di feste e momenti speciali. Oggi, anche grazie alla ricerca nata in questo blog, mi occupo di decorazione. Invento e realizzo backdrop personalizzati per eventi, decor per vetrine e per la casa.

    Artoleria Blog è il luogo delle mie ispirazioni: lo stile e il fai da te, per il riuso e l'arte, il disegno, la poesia, la scrittura, la fotografia, il gioco, le meditazioni più sincere.


    I am Katia, I love beauty and can not help but create and test the new!
    Artoleria is the place of my inspirations: Style and DIY, reuse and art, drawing, poetry, writing, photography, play, sincere meditation.
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