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Plastic bottles + fabric = DIY bracelets! [tutorial]

On Saturday, during my first workshop in Mercatopoli, we have a lot of fun to create personalized and very chic bracelets !

Would only add: choose a beautiful fabric, needle and thread the perfect color and your unique creativity to add any frills you can think of!

Experiment, test, dares!

Have fun!!

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tutorial plastic bottles + fabric=bracelets by

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My first exposure, My first reuse workshop as Artoleria!


Location - my workshop corner inside Mercatopoli

What is it about my presence in the Mercatopoli Day, last Saturday? Much better than I ever expected!

What exactly? Everything! In general and in particular :)

This is the location dedicated to Artoleria,  Mercatopoli stuff prepared it  for NEO – the New from the Old (this was the title!)

For me it was a real surprise: white, pallets, wood boxes, made from the fifth door of cabinet, glass table covered with a film for the occasion, the vintage chairs … everything was perfect!

This arrangement stood in front of the people at the door! And it’s no wonder that the workshop participants joined unexpectedly and if many stopped just to look around …

The workshops have attracted much interest, especially that of bangles made from plastic bottles. In the afternoon, in great demand we repeated after one of the bottles.

The creations on display were all made from reused objects and transformed in style from me.

Some ideas I have taken from things already seen, others I made it up, but I wanted to give a style or color that could tie together and that was unique. But also create objects that are really helpful to me !

I like to reuse, yes, I like his antics, but I can not ever appreciate it if the furniture or objects that are born are not in harmony with their environment, in style, in the form or color.

To appreciate them I think, “this beautiful object, would look good in my house!”

Things on display – from clothing to jewelry – and laboratories, wanted to be an example of this.

Imagine what a satisfaction when I realized that each of the participants was able to achieve,

and only with the materials available, a bracelet perfect for the clothing she was wearing!

In the next post you will find the work products and the images of how they were made, with some explanation (tutorial).

My creations will remain on display for a while time to Mercatopoli. That’s great!

But I already miss them. (Do you realize?It’s The first time!) So I will talk about that as you do with the children when they are away from home ::))

And I will try to put up a good speech to explain how they were built.

As long as you go to read my stories sighing! : P


Katia durante il workshop in Mercatopoli Firenze

Artoleria al Mercatopoli Day

Artoleria a Mercatopoli Firenze

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Workshop and tutorial preview: Bracelets DIY …coming soon! :)

I felt like something about the workshop that I will anticipate Saturday morning and afternoon Mercatopoli.

Neo – the new from the old

recovery of materials for domestic use to create

11:30 am Workshop: bijotteria

16 hours Workshop: tools and useful items with bottles of detergent

The second is more technical, although this will be a lot of fun!

But as far as the first …

reuse bottles to make bracelets

Finally after almost 3 years from their conception, I reveal all the secrets of my now numerous DIY bracelets !

I created them with any type of fabric, color and all versions: winter, spring, summer, chic, casual, rustic …

even paper-made! But I’ve never managed to make a tutorial.

Saturday will be the perfect opportunity to photograph all the steps, what do you think?

And then those who have participated and taken away all the secrets …

– No they are not made ​​of wood, no they are not made with just one material inside hehe … but anyway! participate and see! : P –

will host an event – surprise here on the blog!

Happy happy to do this!

* -. – *

We provide all the necessary materials. Do not miss it! See you soon!

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    Sono Katia. Scenografa di sogni da parete. Personal stylist di feste e momenti speciali. Oggi, anche grazie alla ricerca nata in questo blog, mi occupo di decorazione. Invento e realizzo backdrop personalizzati per eventi, decor per vetrine e per la casa.

    Artoleria Blog è il luogo delle mie ispirazioni: lo stile e il fai da te, per il riuso e l'arte, il disegno, la poesia, la scrittura, la fotografia, il gioco, le meditazioni più sincere.


    I am Katia, I love beauty and can not help but create and test the new!
    Artoleria is the place of my inspirations: Style and DIY, reuse and art, drawing, poetry, writing, photography, play, sincere meditation.
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