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Decor Glimpse – my bedside table!

Hey good morning! As I said, I’m taking advantage of the days when you should decorate the house for Christmas, to put his hand to the rooms that were left a little ‘overlooked in our house. Starting from the bedroom, why not?

Finally I have a bedside table that I like!

I was looking for a way to hide the electrical outlet without upsetting the walls and I must say I found it! Decor with a touch here and there. Today I dared a new column: not exactly a DIY, it precisely a look of the room. But only a peek ;) glimpse, in fact. I’m sorry the pictures are not perfect, but this room is very little light in winter. If you like the idea of Decor Glimpse and think it’s an experiment to be repeated, let me know please! * -. – *

Occhiatina decor 1 - sul mio comodino

Occhiatina decor 2 Artoleria - le idee

Describe the ideas so you can copy them if you like.

1. Masking tape on the wall at the plug (hidden)

2. Ikea picture light with print.

3. Decorate bulb and lamp glass. Paper gems and masking tape.

* Scraps of gems on plain paper (free printable here). MT fluorescent pink here.

See you soon!

* -. – *

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The first Italian “Meet the blogger” Abilmente – Casafacile

Last Saturday was a day of intense work at Abilmente.

For me it was concentrated to the whole Meet the Blogger organized by Casafacile. Really full of the educational content taught by expert bloggers in the morning.

While a crowd of “enabled” women  it spread like lava in the corridors of the exhibition, We all women (oh yeah!) met again in the afternoon to chat, encourage and ask questions.

* I take home more awareness, the opportunity to use excellent shooting tips and growth opportunities WOW! *

The time was not enough to chat with all my friends.

But they have been (here just a few photos and some people, alas), to make this very special day. These wonderful people that I see in months, or that I can recognize as part of my life even if I meet them for the first time,

Many different talents, ideas, creativity, opportunity and true stories to tell …

Alcuni Amici

Dal’alto left: Anna, Me, Roberta, Irene, Isabella, Laura, Martha, Simon, Francesca, Barbara, Barbara. With theirblog-link!

Casafacile has done an amazing job and also has made people make it, rewarding skills of each helper.

The beauty of the works (many crafted works inside the fitting mini-locker-room are made from readers involved and rewarded !) And that of the people get mixed! Is not it wonderful?

I personally, given the time in which I was raised arriving from Florence I chose my favorite mini room. Ehehe!

Angolo notte, ad Abilmente Casafacile 2012Looking for some rest in the mini badroom corner

[Photo + Graphics artoleria]

Ps: Artoleria Facebook page you will find a photo album of the event a little more complete.

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New “Rock” Necklaces!

collana foglie nero e fuxia by artoleria

collana nera e rosa fluo by

Today is Monday, and to keep us up and face the week with determination will be presenting the new series

“Rock Leaves in Black”

Already a preview on facebook Artoleria has aroused curiosity

so I hope these pictures give you the idea and confirm your “suspects.”

The leaves, thin and light, are mounted on a triangular mesh of metal, which surrounds a lanyard waxed metal closure.

I will amaze: also in this case the necklace comes from the recovery of the base material which, although as an accessory, was intended for a different use.

Soon on my Etsy Shop [I advise you to keep an eye on!], and among the accessories that bring you to the next show I attend in November!

[browse also curious on this link]

So, Do you feel enough “Rock”?

* -. – *

collana nera by

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    Sono Katia. Scenografa di sogni da parete. Personal stylist di feste e momenti speciali. Oggi, anche grazie alla ricerca nata in questo blog, mi occupo di decorazione. Invento e realizzo backdrop personalizzati per eventi, decor per vetrine e per la casa.

    Artoleria Blog è il luogo delle mie ispirazioni: lo stile e il fai da te, per il riuso e l'arte, il disegno, la poesia, la scrittura, la fotografia, il gioco, le meditazioni più sincere.


    I am Katia, I love beauty and can not help but create and test the new!
    Artoleria is the place of my inspirations: Style and DIY, reuse and art, drawing, poetry, writing, photography, play, sincere meditation.
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