My B side!! ;) [BYW Boot Camp]

But what did you think?

My side B in the sense of … BLOGGER!

: P

Artoleria, la prima bozza di biglietto da visita!

[This is the first draft for a business card Artoleria, the blog was still in my dreams! 6 years ago]

After all that I wrote in my previous post, it is impossible to think of not giving importance to my blog and project, Artoleria.

I want to reward my side “Blogger” for maintaining the consistency and enthusiasm, for teaching me a lot and you still want to learn and grow. This is why I enrolled in Blogging Your Way, the on-line course for bloggers held by Holly Becker, a creative consultant, very famous – mostly in the world of creativity and English-speaking – for her work on the blog Decor8 and publications. For two years I wanted to be part of it, that I felt the need for my side B. And now it’s just the right time. After a few days of class, I will be sure to be at the right place at the right time. Not the best!

To learn how to learn and put my energies in the change with the right priorities, even in the midst of so many things that flow. And also to continue to keep coached my nature to bond with people (aka bloggers) around the planet, which I miss a lot since I finished my student life.

So … ready to capture progressive changes?

I count on your opinion to grow!

* -. – *

ps: a creative POST approaches … ;)

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    Sono Katia. Scenografa di sogni da parete. Personal stylist di feste e momenti speciali. Oggi, anche grazie alla ricerca nata in questo blog, mi occupo di decorazione. Invento e realizzo backdrop personalizzati per eventi, decor per vetrine e per la casa.

    Artoleria Blog è il luogo delle mie ispirazioni: lo stile e il fai da te, per il riuso e l'arte, il disegno, la poesia, la scrittura, la fotografia, il gioco, le meditazioni più sincere.


    I am Katia, I love beauty and can not help but create and test the new!
    Artoleria is the place of my inspirations: Style and DIY, reuse and art, drawing, poetry, writing, photography, play, sincere meditation.
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