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These days I’m wondering whether it would be better to create a separate English version of my posts. I would hate giving up English, I have quite international lifestyle. But they are a little tired of translating every post immediately in English as a matter of time. Probably I will open a dedicate page (Artoleria in English!).

Today I will tell my room … ups! The room of my little girl who once was my room! The girls’ bedroom are always full of sweetness and affection. For Gioia’s room I chose green, as in the kitchen and the living room. Because it brings out the wood, white and pink and from my point of view gives a lot of freshness.

little girl's room

The room is not very big, was derived by dividing a square room to have two small rooms, which can communicate and if necessary go back almost to be one large room, thanks to the central wall (in wood) that opens as a huge double doors.

wood opening wall

The wall is divided into 4, opens in the middle, while the other two side parts are fixed and completely mirrored. I love the game of the window (also divided into two, the other part is in the adjoining room) which is reflected and therefore reflects its full brightness! This wall is painted with a paint that makes it durable and versatile! How could I not decorate it with the early watercolors made by Gio? ; )

the little library

The cabinets were custom built at the time of subdivision, and is done almost entirely as a bridge under the bed, to exploit all the space on the ground. For the fact that the room is not large, we decided to optimize its space using small furniture and easy to move, if necessary. This is what you see in the mirror next to the window height of the bed : )


the little library - details

little girl's library

The small library that is next to the bed and also serves as a nightstand is one of the corners that  We prefer. I converted from a little hanging, which I found at home, in disuse for years. And It’s perfect! Gioia loves to read before  sleeping and this small collection of kids books, some games and custom lamp, make the place of bedtime lovely !

little chair and bear

There is even room for a small table with two chairs! Rosetta (the teddy bear) has been chosen his position, and enjoying the atmosphere of enchantment! There is still time for further details … see you to the next fairy tale!

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